Free Online Games for Girls and Boys

What could be more interesting for girls and boys than watching cartoons? Play with your favorite cartoon characters, of course! Indeed, in games, you can not only watch your favorite hero, but help him achieve his goal. We have carefully and lovingly collected children's games and replenish the best collection of interesting and colorful games with the most popular and beloved cartoon characters for children and their parents.

New Cartoon Puzzle Games

Games for children with cartoon characters - of course, all boys and girls love characters of their favorite popular cartoons, so these online games will be interesting to all children, without exception, and even their parents. Our games are suitable for both young children under 5 years old and older children. Many games not only entertain the child, but also educate and develop him, the learning process will always be more enjoyable and fun with your favorite characters of domestic and Western cartoons, such as SpongeBob, Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo, Mickey Mouse and other characters of the Disney studio.

Free online games are a lot of fun and joy. Only in games can you plunge into mysterious and fantastic worlds, visit a fairy tale or cartoon with your favorite characters. Online games develop coordination, reaction, logic in boys, while girls develop a sense of style, design skills, the ability to cook and take care of children and animals. Many games are designed for two, it is more fun to play with friends!