My Little Pony Find 5 Diff

Small ponies are back with a new fun game. In this game for girls, we'll get into Ponyville. In the first pair of images, we met three merry ponies Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Twilight Sparkle. Your task is to find the five differences in two minutes to go to the next level of play. The second stage of the game, we will have a big company ponies that celebrates birthday, well and in the end, we move into the winter Ponyville. As the first level, you need to find five differences in each pair of pictures. On the passage of each level is given two minutes. At your left there are three lives, every wrong click the mouse, resulting in loss of life. Good luck!
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How to play «My Little Pony Find 5 Diff»

Use the mouse to look for differences.
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