My little pony Find Object

Poniville welcomes you! Here you will meet all characters of favourite mul'tika, well or almost all :) And you will have a task not simple. It is necessary to find a necessary hero or his part in this large crowd. Certainly, some persons it will be finding is very simple, but am and such parts pictures which very well mask and does not strike the eyes at once. Not lose time and proceed to the game. Find seven places on a picture for two minutes and you will become a winner and will pass to the next level, where it will must you do also same. Successes!
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The game «My little pony Find Object» from the category «My Little Pony» is made using HTML5 technology, therefore it is suitable for any browser on a personal computer. You can also play it on your tablet and smartphone (iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Huawei, Xiomi, Sony, running iOS, Android). Game control on any mobile device is carried out with your fingers.

This online game is suitable for children of all ages, for boys and girls, as well as their parents.

How to play «My little pony Find Object»

Use a mouse for a search.
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