Subway Surfers Havana

Jake and his crew of surfers go to the Liberty Island, in Havana. Previously, this could not happen, but after a thaw in relations between Cuba and the United States tourist routes between the two countries opened. As usual, the surfers will run and jump on the rails and wagons running from the local police, and our task is to collect the fragments of the picture in the whole image. Enjoy the game!
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The game «Subway Surfers Havana» from the category «Subway Surfers» is made using HTML5 technology, therefore it is suitable for any browser on a personal computer. You can also play it on your tablet and smartphone (iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Huawei, Xiomi, Sony, running iOS, Android). Game control on any mobile device is carried out with your fingers.

This online game is suitable for children of all ages, for boys and girls, as well as their parents.

How to play «Subway Surfers Havana»

Use the mouse to play.
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