Adam and Eve Games

The history of the first people in the world is unfamiliar only to foolish people who are not able to build coherent sentences, and therefore, who have not been able to ask their parents a question about the origin of the world. The heroes of this biblical legend are Adam and, of course, Eve, known to everyone and everyone, regardless of the degree of religiosity. However, is this plot so familiar to people? Based on the oldest love story, online games claim there are some gaps left in the original script that need to be filled. So, if the action took place at the dawn of time, did dinosaurs roam the earth? Or, for example, how long did the insidious tempter in the form of a serpent walk around Paradise until he decided to feed the gullible heroes a pouring apple? What these first people were is also a big question. It’s so interesting to know what their character and habits were! Was Eve as wild as many women? Was Adam as impatient as most of his descendants? How many official dates did the world's first couple have? And in general, would their love story be so long if the first man on Earth had a choice?
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