Angelina Ballerina Games

Angelina Ballerina games posted on the site are about a little mouse from a fairyland. These games are more suitable for girls. You can play Angelina Ballerina on the site for free. The heroes of these funny games will have different adventures where they will have to show their wit and solve difficult puzzles. Even to become a stylist for Angelina Ballerina, because in order to perform on stage she will have to change her outfits.

Games teach children communication, patience and hard work. Each free online game about a purposeful mouse educates children to be industrious and purposeful, to be friendly with friends.

The main character of the games "Angelina Ballerina" is a mouse, she lives in a fabulous, small and very beautiful mouse country with her friends. It is called - Mouse, here everything is like people, adult mice go to work and buy food, love to read newspapers and walk.

And baby mice go to school, play pranks and dream. Angelina Ballerina is one of them, she dreams of becoming a famous ballerina in order to dance on the big stage of the most beautiful theater of mice in the future. Dreamer Angelina stubbornly engages in dancing in all her free time. After all, becoming a famous ballerina will not work quickly, for this you need to work daily and for many hours. So Angelina diligently repeats jumps and the most difficult pirouettes for hours.

But, unfortunately, many mice-girlfriends doubt that Angelina can become a talented ballerina and constantly tease her. But the little mouse does not lose heart, together with her friends she believes in her victory and knows that her wish will finally come true, and her cherished dream will come true. Angelina is sure that neither obstacles nor rivals will prevent her from becoming a famous ballerina.
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