Angel's Friends Games

Our site has collected the best free games with your favorite characters. Puzzles, adventure games, magical outfits, hairstyles and more. Each game is a task that is important to complete accurately and accurately, because the fate of people depends on it. For example, collect photos of angels who have been corrupted by demons, or choose the best outfit for Raf, Uri, Mika or Sweet for Christmas. Or maybe the angels are going to the ball and they urgently need help choosing a festive dress?
The plots of games based on any cartoon are different and exciting. The collection of games for girls is always updated with new products. And this is not just contemplation, children learn goodness together with the heroes, look for a way out of difficult situations and save the world themselves.
Children can spend more time with their favorite characters, collecting puzzles, sorting cards, etc. The main thing is that they combine a pleasant activity with a useful pastime. And your favorite characters make it possible to feel like a real angel or demon.
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