Baby Hazel Games

Every girl dreams of becoming a mother in the future and taking care of her children. A series of games about baby Hazel gives you the opportunity to test yourself as a mother or nanny right now. Is it easy to take care of young children? New Baby Hazel games for girls will answer this question. Small children are a sea of ​​joy and positive emotions, the pleasure of watching how a small person grows and develops before your eyes. But babies are also a lot of new worries. Children can be capricious and disobedient, they require attention and care. We are constantly adding new Baby Hazel games that you can play for free. Try to take care of the baby so that she is always happy and happy!

Baby Hazel is a little girl who is just getting to know our world. She, like all small children, requires care, attention and attention. This baby is restless and inquisitive, in each game she finds herself in a new situation. You will have to feed and bathe her, help brush her teeth and comb, treat the baby when she is sick and put her to bed. Baby Hazel does not like to stay at home, she constantly goes to kindergarten, goes somewhere to rest, for example, to Disneyland, and in one of the games she even goes into space. Hazel also loves the holidays very much, you will have to help her prepare and celebrate Christmas, New Year and Halloween. Trust us, Baby Hazel won't let you get bored!
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