Bob The Robber Games

Since childhood, Bob dreamed of becoming Robin Hood and strove to be like him. Time passed, the main character of the games - the thief and robber Bob has matured. He has become a professional, he can easily enter any house or bank, take out all the loot there. It's not easy, because surveillance cameras work everywhere, the facility is guarded by experienced security guards. Then he gives out everything that Bob has to people. This online game for children is free and does not require registration of gamers.

The games posted on the site give you the opportunity to enjoy your free time. With a different history, they allow you to play with your favorite cartoon characters, fantasize, solve complex puzzles, and participate in robberies. Games "Thief Bob" - one of them, here the authors tell an interesting story, where the main character does dangerous stunts, overcomes all kinds of obstacles to reach the goal.
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