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Isn’t it true that the title of the animation tape is puzzling and surprising? An advertising poster, which depicts a baby in a business three-piece suit with a tie ...
It turns out that the arrival of a new family member can bring a lot of trouble. And not only to the older brother, who did not expect a "pushover" from his parents, who adopted an interesting baby. Accustomed to the sole attention of his parents, Tim did not expect that soon he would simply be forgotten and relegated to the background. The adopted son Francis will take over the attention of the parents. Mom and Dad find it common that a baby sucking a pacifier walks in a business suit and behaves like an adult manager of a large company. And it doesn't matter that he doesn't know how to talk yet, but he has a cool diplomat.
But one day everything changed. Tim hears some voices coming from his younger brother's bedroom and decides to listen to what the conversation is about - after all, one of the voices is surprisingly adult. To Tim's dismay, he will find out what he should never know. The danger threatens not only his family and the whole world!
Boss World Journey
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