Car eats car Games

The adventures of a red car are presented in three parts, all games on the site are free. With each new game, the car becomes stronger, smarter and more enduring, and its pursuers are more terrible and toothy. To break away from the chase, the red model has to use bombs, perform dizzying stunts, and pump your car. It must be remembered that for completing tasks, gold coins or crystals are awarded, the more their number, the more opportunities the main character acquires. In the game, you need to constantly be on your guard, you cannot stop, the gas pedal in a small red car is almost never idle. The transition from level to level allows you to increase the strength and power of the protagonist, and using the turbo mode gives additional opportunities. Valuable items that appear on the path of the red car also need to be collected, they can be useful in the future.
Games will not let you get bored at the monitor, they teach resourcefulness, mutual assistance, the ability to find a way out of any situation. The plot of the game will not leave indifferent not only children, but also their parents. Helping the red toy car in the game instills in the children the ability to think quickly and effectively, make non-standard decisions and not lose heart.
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