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Every girl when she grows up will become the keeper of the hearth. Cooking food for yourself and your family is an integral part of family life. Cooking games for girls will reveal hundreds of recipes and secrets of cooking famous and rare dishes. Playing cooking games is fun, easy and rewarding. By following simple step-by-step instructions, you can learn how to cook dishes from different nations of the world. Our games will teach you how to cook simple meals such as sandwiches and complex meals with many different ingredients. Don't know the recipe for Italian lasagna or the secret to making Peking duck? Welcome to our section of free online cooking games for girls! You will discover recipes for both first and second courses, as well as delicious desserts. A separate series of games will teach you not only to cook deliciously, but also to beautifully design the resulting culinary masterpiece. In your virtual kitchen, you will meet your favorite cartoon and fairytale characters. Cook a delicious festive dinner with Barbie, help baby Hazel and Dasha in the kitchen, and bake a sweet Monster High cake. Forget about paper recipe books, because we now have online cooking games, where the process of cooking your favorite dishes is shown clearly and intelligibly, now any child can cook something tasty and please his mother.
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