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Cartoon "Ferdinand"

A young bull named Ferdinand lived not grieving among his fellows, but was completely different from them in habits and character. Although he is a physically strong and resilient bull, he does not like to spend his days in skirmishes and fights with his own kind. Our hero prefers to wander through the meadows, wallow in the shade of trees and inhale the aromas of wildflowers. This kind of life was perfect for our character, and it seemed that it would never end.

Ferdinand's story

In Spanish Madrid, bullfights are constantly held, in the arena bulls compete with each other or with ruthless bullfighters. Because of his powerful appearance, Ferdinand was randomly selected from the herd to participate in these battles. He was to become the protagonist of the next bullfight. How wrong people were, choosing for this role the most peaceful bull in the herd ...

Ferdinand online

The main character is at a loss, because he is against violence in any of its manifestations. It is good that there are good friends nearby who are ready to help prepare for the entrance to the arena. Ferdinand begins training, but because of his kindness, it is difficult for him to show the anger and aggression so necessary in such competitions. The bull has no choice, he needs to be formidable, or pretend, otherwise he will immediately become a victim of his rival. Play free games with Ferdinand to help him gain fighting bull skills and take part in exciting adventures with his best friends!
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