Fighting Games

Fighting is one of the genres of computer games for boys. At one location, two opponents converge and begin a battle. As a rule, the fight is hand-to-hand. Cold or firearms are sometimes used. All indicators of the life of fighters are displayed at the top of the screen. For which of the fighters this scale lasts longer, he wins. Some games have special combos - this is a specific keyboard shortcut. When pressed, the hero performs a special blow that inflicts more damage on the enemy or just looks spectacular and spectacular.

Do you want to try your hand at fighting online for free? Now there are many interesting games for two devoted to battles in which you can fight against a living person. A fighter lives in any person and there is a desire to win. It's so good that there is a computer monitor. Now you can warm up and throw out the accumulated negative energy just sitting in front of a computer connected to the Internet. And do not be afraid of abrasions, bruises, broken teeth and other bodily injuries.

The plots of online games are varied: you can defeat crime or participate in street battles, you can become a treasure hunter, or maybe an invincible boxer or gladiator of ancient Rome. On which side to speak - good or evil - this is also your choice. Decide which hero you will control and forward! Facing dangerous adventures, brutal fights and many hours of fun.
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